Course Description

Do potential conflicts and tense meetings cause you anxiety? Do you find yourself ducking and dodging to avoid a particular someone? This course walks you through a proven four-point strategy to help you communicate more effectively in high-stress situations. Take this course and take your power back with these four strategies!

Purpose Coach

Stephanie Godwin-Chu

Stephanie Godwin-Chu has a heart for helping women identify goals, master new skills and sharpen their talents. She has a background in language, communications, process management, development, leadership and policy making.She identified non-profit work as a place to grow and spent nearly 10 years in social services. She spent a total of 15 years in various capacities in the fields of elementary education, higher education, non-profit, social services and even retail. Stephanie has worked her way to promotion from temporary staff, contractual, seasonal, full-time, entry-level, middle management, and upper management.After several years in the workplace and multiple promotions, she was no longer content fulfilling someone else's vision. Through much prayer and soul-searching, she discovered that she was not operating in her purpose and needed to make a change.Now, she does what she loves!Stephanie helps individuals improve their lives and assists organizations in strengthening their staff in the workplace. She provides customized services to individuals and groups.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction: The Four-Point Strategy That Works!

  • 2

    Get To Know Your Foe

    • Knowing Their Weakness is Your Advantage

    • Bonus: Conflict Planning Worksheet

  • 3

    State Your Point and Stick to It!

    • Don't Argue With Fools!

    • Bonus: Conversation Mapping Worksheet

  • 4

    How Technology Can Hurt Your Communication

    • Bonus: Tech Communication Pros and Cons

    • Your Face Says it Better Than an Imoji

  • 5

    Follow Up and Follow Through

    • How Not to Leave Em' Hanging

  • 6


    • Let's Talk Real Life Examples!