How To Communicate Effectively With Difficult People

The Four-Point Strategy That Works! | taught by Stephanie Godwin-Chu
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Stephanie Godwin-Chu
Stephanie Godwin-Chu
Purpose Coach

About the instructor

Stephanie Godwin-Chu has a heart for helping women identify goals, master new skills and sharpen their talents. She has a background in language, communications, process management, development, leadership and policy making.

She identified non-profit work as a place to grow and spent nearly 10 years in social services. She spent a total of 15 years in various capacities in the fields of elementary education, higher education, non-profit, social services and even retail. Stephanie has worked her way to promotion from temporary staff, contractual, seasonal, full-time, entry-level, middle management, and upper management.

After several years in the workplace and multiple promotions, she was no longer content fulfilling someone else's vision. Through much prayer and soul-searching, she discovered that she was not operating in her purpose and needed to make a change.

Now, she does what she loves!

Stephanie helps individuals improve their lives and assists organizations in strengthening their staff in the workplace. She provides customized services to individuals and groups.

Do potential conflicts and tense meetings cause you anxiety? Do you find yourself ducking and dodging to avoid a particular someone? This course walks you through a proven four-point strategy to help you communicate more effectively in high-stress situations. Take this course and take your power back with these four strategies!

Course Contents

6 Videos
3 PDFs
1.0 hr

Course Curriculum

Introduction: The Four-Point Strategy That Works!
Follow Up and Follow Through